LinkedIn Tools For Advertising Campaigns

LinkedIn Tools For Advertising Campaigns

LinkedIn advertising is a great way to reach a targeted audience. This social network has over 500 million members, with 73 million of them being decision-makers and senior influencers. You can easily segment your ads based on job title, company name, and professional interests. However, there are various tools you need to master to succeed in LinkedIn advertising. If you are into this marketing platform, read on to learn more about LinkedIn tools for digital marketing in Toronto and how they can benefit your marketing campaign.


The LeadFuze LinkedIn advertising tool offers a simple yet effective way to generate high-quality leads. It uses an automated outreach process that lets you scan over 200 million profiles to find potential clients and customers. The tool’s intuitive interface is easy to use and includes a knowledge base that answers many of your questions. The main advantage of LeadFuze is that it is not very expensive compared to other tools for lead generation.

E-Link Pro:

E-Link Pro is a great tool for advertising campaigns on LinkedIn. It helps marketers grow their database, attract more views to their profiles, and monitor online activity. It also helps them learn how their leads behave and develop better campaigns. It also helps boost their website traffic and brand awareness.


With Dux-Soup, you can automate your LinkedIn outreach with minimal effort. The app will pull LinkedIn profiles and help you create customized messages and campaigns. It also can grab LinkedIn user information and save it to your CRM. The tool will also help you manage all your prospects from one place, making it easier to find and communicate with potential customers. It also offers excellent customer support.

It offers numerous features that will help you increase your LinkedIn advertising campaigns’ ROI. You can use it to target specific people and keep track of all your interactions by leaving notes and tags. These tools will ensure that your ads reach the right people and increase conversions. It also offers the opportunity to download or upload leads for specific campaigns.


SocialPilot is an all-in-one solution for your LinkedIn marketing. It can automate bulk scheduling, social media team management, and content discovery tasks. It also helps you analyze your content and engage with your audience. You can export your social media analytics to a PDF report to share with your team or clients.