Winter is a resting and sleeping season. For all things, including us. This is real. However, living our busy lives, which is more occupied only over time, is not possible for us for wintering-like rest. However, during the winter months we are exhausted and sleepy and these signals our bodies and minds send us must not be overlooked. So why are we sleepy in winter all the time? Science suggests we have shorter days in winter, which means less daylight exposure in contrast with the summer months. This reduced exposure contributes to more melatonin released from the brain because the brain feels it needs to be alert and awake. When more melatonin is secreted, during the winter we begin to feel sluggish and tired. True rest is key all year round. However, the need is increasing in winter. And you need a better simplyrest for better rest.

Ortho Memory Mattress with Wake fit Foam 

If you’ve been looking for this mattress. We’re sure you learned of our Ortho foam. For a variety of reasons, this mattress provides phenomenal rest and safe sleep. Let’s just take a look at these. 

Alignment of the backbone 

The Ortho mattress transitions to the sleeper’s body shape. It matches your form regardless of the location of your sleep. This avoids the formation of pressure points around your stomach, shoulders and hips with the memory foam mattress. In these parts of the body, it avoids aches and discomfort. The zonal support layer of the mattress evenly allocates the sleeper’s body weight. This results in stronger support for the heavy parts of the body and sufficient strength for the weaker parts. Memory foam avoids an unnatural curvature of the spine throughout sleep.

Isolation of the motion 

If two people share a bed, the common complaint is that one partner’s tossing and turn disturbs the other partner’s sleep. You will have a zero disruption sleep on our memory foam mattress. The mattress absorbs the sleeper’s motion and fully isolates it so that the rest of the sleeper does not fall asleep. Even if the chill always relieves you or your wife, it won’t let the mattress come in between your sleep. 


Generally, the winters are harsh and poisonous. But, you don’t have to think about allergens with our Ortho mattress. The foam is hypoallergenic, thereby eliminating dust and other microbes. It does not allow the dust to settle or penetrate its layers. The overall freshness and hygiene of the mattress are preserved thereby. Your sleep is in this winter.