You can go through the following procedure to get rid of bed bugs in the mattress.

  1. Pull out all the removable items like sheets, covers and pillowcases. Do not forget to take them away in a garbage sack to steer clear of contaminating anything else on the way to the laundry room. Washing them in hot water will be better.
  • Put away the pillows and cushions. Start vacuuming the mattress with a lot of care and especially clean the indentations seams and crevices, as those are the most probable hiding places for the bugs. Take out the vacuum cleaning bag outside and don’t forget to make sure there are no bed bugs in the vacuum cleaner.
  • Cover your Box spring and mattress in a bug-proof casing. Bed bug-proof encasements are very specialized protectors which wrap the mattress completely. They consist of a special material through which the bed bugs aren’t able to bite or pass. The zippers are specially designed to be secure and the tiniest of bugs cannot pass outside through it. A bed bug is able to survive for months without feeding, so to be sure that all bugs and eggs have died, the cover shall not be removed for one year at least.
  • Clear the headboard and frame of your bed of the bed bugs and look especially into the joints and cracks. It is necessary to read the complete label and apply as directions are given, in case you choose to use pesticide spray. If used incorrectly, they may be hazardous or even prove to be fatal. So special care needs to be taken in this regard.
  • Separate your bed from the wall and put interceptor cups beneath the feet of your bed. The cups contain a pesticide that traps and kills the bed bugs that try to climb up or down the bed. Make sure, no part of bed touches the floor except the foot of the bed in interceptor cup. Refrain from using wide comforters, bed skirts or any other bedding item that may reach the ground. 
  • . Vacuum your floor with through caution. Stay vigilant about new eggs hatching and maturing anywhere else in the house and inspect the whole house with care. Keep repeating this step at regular intervals.

Instead of following this procedure or even adding to this one, you may consider calling pest control professionals who have better experience in getting rid of bed bugs. Removal of bed bugs is essential but none the less, a time taking procedure.

A convenient option:

If encasing your mattress seems like a vigorous activity, you may go for the alternate and buy a new mattress. It will also give you peace that no bed bugs reside in your mattress and you could have a good sleep in luxury and comfort. Memory foam mattress queen size may be one of your good options. There are some mattresses available in the market that come already equipped cleanable and removable covers. This helps in preventing the bed bugs infestation in future. If any bug happens to appear on the mattress, simply remove the cover and wash it.

Obviously, if there is a bed bug infestation, you need to be taking care of its removal from your bedroom and home before you make a purchase of a new bed. They spread quickly throughout the home and you should ensure complete removal of existing bed bugs and discard your old mattress before you purchase new latex mattress.

It is necessary to take precautions for the future, do not place your luggage on your bed. After you return from travelling, immediately change and wash your laundry and try avoiding buying second-hand furniture items.