It’s going to give you the ability to change positions a lot easier and really avoid that stuff in which a lot of people say that they get restless sleep in thicker memory foam layers. It’s really great for a lot of sleepers who need to change positions without struggling during the middle of the night. Now the last difference in between memory foam and innerspring that we want to highlight is the sinkage into the mattress. It has gotten the slow response to pressure that you can see there. So, you are going to feel more in the material than on it and one of the things that we do want to point out is that it depending on the thickness of the best memory foam  mattress for hot sleepers or what supports it underneath Is going to actually decide how far into the mattress you’re going to sink. So, the actual sinkage numbers on a memory foam mattress in terms of like inches sunken into the mattress when compared to an innerspring may be pretty close, but because of that slow response to pressure, you will still feel more kind of surrounded by the memory foam than an innerspring.

Experiment on the mattress

So now we took the 50-pound medicine ball on an innerspring mattress to test the linkage here. Now, something we do want to point out is that not all innerspring mattresses are the same and you will get a little bit more sinkage or less depending on the strength of the coil systems underneath it. So, kind of be with the coils will actually have a big impact on the actual firmness of the mattress here. You can see that there is a bit of sinkage into the mattress, but you’re still going to feel more on top of an innerspring than in it as opposed to with memory foam. Now aside from the differences in feel between the materials. we also want to touch briefly on their durability and their cost now with memory foam and we’re talking durability. We’re talking about the density of the foam now. High-quality memory foams have a really high density that’s going to feel like it is a thicker foam probably a little bit heavier and has a slower response to pressure that higher density foam is going to last a bit longer in terms of innerspring mattresses. It’s going to be things like thicker coils for Quality materials. That’s Extend the warranty on a mattress with cost there is no hard and fast rule for either memory foam mattresses or innerspring mattresses. You will pay a bit more for higher quality materials in both and that with memory foams, the higher quality materials cannot only mean higher density materials but also infusions like the Joan fusions copper infusions we talked about before that help you sleep a bit cooler.